Paradis Du Vin

Exclusive shop of European level with the most diverse range
of wine and spirits from the leading world producers in Ukraine
Paradis Du Vin collection includes an extensive range
of Wine, Whisky, Cognac and Armagnac, Champaign and sparkling wine

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The biggest collection of whisky in Ukraine

Some scientist admit similarity between wine names

Collection of the best vintage wines

Some scientists insist on Georgian origin of this word

More than 4000 wines

Many different types of the grapes are used for wine production

Professional sommeliers advices

Private collections development

Vintage is an important factor influencing the wine character, because weather, climate conditions
and other seasonal variances create individual organoleptic features of the wine

Rustico Prosecco

Nino Franco

Remy Martin

Remy Martin

Pio Cesare

Pio Cesare



Pio Cesare 2012

Dolcetto D'alba

Michele Chiarlo 2011

Michele Chiarlo
Michele Chiarlo


Wine Cellar Innovations

Interior of the shop was developed by the world leading company Wine Cellar Innovations (USA)
and made of American sequoia which is the most suitable for wine furniture
as it is damage resistant, mould and water-proof.